Academies and Leadership Programs

White Water rafting at Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre

Sign Up for Spring Break Academies for 2017 is finished. Check back for a possible May weekend for Outdoor Leadership for 2017 and we will be looking forward to Spring Break 2018 for both Academies.

The information below is just for information purposes and will be updated soon!
The Search & Rescue Academy and the Tribune Bay Outdoor Leadership Academy. The programs are part of the Connected Outdoor Leadership Series (COLS) and they are a very cool way to get high school credits while you gain many outdoor and leadership skills, just for your own personal interest or they can get you a good start in pursuing a career in outdoor education or in the outdoor industry.
The Search and Rescue Academy gives the opportunity to volunteer in a very worthwhile capacity throughout your life and the Outdoor Leadership Academy has two potential Work Experiences at a working outdoor centre.

(Click on the Search and Rescue Academy brochure or Outdoor Leadership Academy brochure below).