We specialize in team building and leadership programs for one day or multi-day. We tailor all of our activities and programs for each group from elementary to university students to adult groups. Please browse the activities offered to help us create a program for your group.

Team Building and Warm Up

When a group arrives we divide them into small groups and take them to our first activity of Warm up and Team Building. These activities challenge your groups problem solving skills  and developing cooperation and communication. This activity is a prerequisite for all high adventure activities.

For more advanced groups we suggest adding the ‘Low Ropes’ challenge course . This is the next step in team building and trust being two feet off the ground while completing challenging courses with your team supporting and keeping you safe.

High Adventure

High Ropes

Our course combines 7 different obstacles to challenge yourself, with the help of your team encouraging you from the ground. On Belay, the most popular are “Burma Bridge & Possum Log”.  We utilize all 7 different challenges with older groups and use double lobster claws to ensure safety and team-building.

Safety equipment used is a seat harness, chest harness, climbing helmet, Petzl ropes and carabiners.

Climbing Tower

The 50′ Climbing Tower has three different climbing faces (sloped, vertical and a overhang). Before we begin, we go over all the safety equipment as well as your climbing commands to talk with your belayer. On the ground you will have a team of 3 hold the ships ladder for you to climb up to the rock wall face where you will have the option of your routes to choose from; ranging from easy to very difficult. Once you’ve reached your goal we will smoothly belay you back to the ground.

Safety equipment used is a seat harness, climbing helmet, Petzel ropes and carabiners.


Using our 50′ Climbing Tower we go up through the inside of the tower using three sets of ladder stairs. Once at the top and clipped in with the help of our trained staff, you are ready to rappel down the side of the tower controlling your own speed (using a Super 8 device while being belayed from the top with one of our qualified staff).

Safety equipment used is a seat harness, chest harness, climbing helmet, Petzl ropes and carabiners.

Giants Ladder

This our only high adventure program where you go up in teams of 2. Working together you use the ladder and each other to make it to the top of this swinging 45′ ladder. The rungs start 3′ apart then lastly are 7′ apart making this activity only possible to conquer if your working together as a solid team.
Safety equipment used is a seat harness, chest harness, climbing helmet, Petzl ropes and carabiners.

Leap of Faith

Are your ready to take the LEAP? Our ‘Leap of Faith’ is typically something to do on your last day, the other activities building you and your team up to the grand finally. While fully harnessed in and on belay, you climb up a hydro pole 25′ up then stand on top of the pole and take the leap to a trapeze bar hanging in front of you!!!

Safety equipment used is a seat harness, chest harness, climbing helmet, Petzel ropes and carabiners.

Ocean Adventures

Paddle Boarding

We have recently introduced stand-up paddle boarding as one of our water based activities here at the Centre. Starting on land we go over the different parts of the board and paddle themselves, safety, and of course the basics. Once on the water we show you how to properly stand up, go over the forward stroke, turning, and how to properly fall in and get back on your board should you go for a refreshing dunk in the water. After this we either go for a group paddle or split into 2 teams and play a relay race.

Safety equipment used is a PFD, and a leash.


Our popular kayaking program starts on land as we go over safety and proper paddle technique and different paddling strokes. Once in the water we show you how to easily get into your kayak, bracing yourself and really working on the overall paddling skills to get you to be able to comfortably maneuver. We finish with a short tour and often a fun games to incorporate all the strokes together.

Safety equipment used is a PFD.

Marine Boat Adventure

On the van you go, heading out to Fords Cove Marina where we will all get on our 12 passenger aluminum boat in hopes to see the sea life that live in and around Hornby Island. Popular destinations include Chrome Island Light Station and Norris Rocks.
Safety equipment used is a lifejacket.

Educational Activities

Lunar Beach Exploration

A short 20 minute walk will take you to the moon and back. This beach is unlike any other with its many rock formations, tidal pools, sea life, and even a small cave. Time is allotted for people to learn from our staff about the marine life, explore the beach and tidal pools and discover all the cool things this beach has to offer.

Forest Detective

This activity is a educational hit! Leaving the Centre as a group, all individuals are handed cards with pictures  that have different flora to search for. Once found, the individual will ‘present’ a few facts and fun things about their ‘flora item’ from their card and the entire group will learn.

Animal Adaptations

Through a series of fun role play activities,  we teach students how animals adapt to their environment with a succession of educational activities. All these activities teach youth about adapting to the environment to survive. A great prerequisite for Predator Prey wide game we play in the evening.


Time to ditch Google Maps! In orienteering we teach people how to properly read maps (understanding the legend, scale, finding north and contour lines) then send them out in teams using their map to find a series of markers hidden throughout our 17 acre property…if it is the right group, we can a do a timed challenge.


Whaling Station

For this hike we split up into our designated groups and go from the Centre and take multiple routes (in group sizes of aprox. 10-12) along the seashore to Whaling Station Beach where you’ll enjoy your packed lunch, and finish with games on another beautiful white sand beach that Hornby Island has to offer.

Please note: This hike takes two activity blocks

Helliwell Provincial Park

Take a hike!! This is an opportunity to walk from one Provincial Park to the next. Helliwell Provincial Park will make you feel like you flew across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland or somewhere exotic but it is right here! This hike will take you through old growth forests out to the scenic bluffs where you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the Salish Sea, surrounding islands and Coastal Mountain Range – you may also see cactus and a Gary Oak grove and often a large variety of birds marine mammals .

Please note: This hike takes two to walk there and back or a drive to the trail head for a single activity

Evening Programs

Wide Games/ Animal Role Playing Games

After dinner each night we offer a series of Wide Games – for 2 night stays we suggest Predator & Prey and Stones.

Predator & Prey
An educational animal role-playing game played in the forest that includes searching or hiding from other animals rightand searching for food and water.

Played down on the field right beside the beach (with an incredible view scape), it is a unique game of capture the flag.

Wolf Prowl
An extended version of predator and prey with some unique twists.

A team-building orientated activity… a fast paced scavenger hunt.

Skit or Musical Prep and Performance

Time to sharpen your acting or musical skills!!! One of the activity blocks can be selected to the staff leader assisting groups developing their skit or song that they will perform for everyone during our campfire program following the wide game.

Campfire Program

Every evening our last program is campfire. Each campfire is age appropriate from sing along songs for younger grades to fun team-building activities for older groups. If you are having your trip fully catered, we provide snack and a hot beverage as well. A great way to end the day!