Camping Areas

We have three camping areas (2 for 30 campers and 1 for 60 campers), sites providing a private tenting area, pit toilets, a large cook shelter including a propane cooking stove, eating area, lockable food storage area with a refrigerator, picnic tables and a wash-up area with potable cold water. Each site also includes separate beach access path and a central meeting area with a fire pit. One of our sites include complimentary shelters for campers without tents.

Historic Lodge

Our historic lodge induces a commercial kitchen (catered meals are available), accessible washrooms, dining area, large meeting area with stone fireplace, and a large deck with a beautiful view of Tribune Bay. Please click on lodge photo to see inside.

Skylight Cabins (2)

Two heated sleeping dorms (both are wheelchair accessible). These dorms are designed to sleep 14 people each (platform bunks) with a separate leader room (single bunks) and wash-up area.


New for this year we have 2 yurts located in our Heronry site. They each sleep 10 people and create a unique camping experience.

Pizza Hut Dorm

This heated dorm sleeps 14 people with 7 single bunk beds. It gets its name from its unique roof line (similar to Pizza Hut Restaurants) – sorry there is no pizza served here. However it does have a small kitchen with fridge and stove as well as a bathroom.

Crow Dorm

The Crow dorm sleeps 14 people on a platform with a private leader room.

Other Facilities

Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre also has the following facilities:

  • Rustic Barn that has a large meeting area with riser seating and a covered dry space
  • Accessible Shower Facility the shower is a ‘pay shower’ to help us conserve water
  • Staff Accommodation that include cabins as well as directors residence and office