Welcome! The process to participate in the Search and Rescue Academy means a little bit of pre-work before the course and most of your spring break, but for the ones that navigate through the process, you will be rewarded with an incredible experience that will not only be fun and increase your skill-set but could alter the course you take in your future life plans.

Letter to Introduce Yourself and Reference Form

All applicants need to fill in the Application Letter, explaining who you are, and why you want to be part of one of the programs. There is also a Search and Rescue Academy-applicant educator reference (click on link below for both application letter and reference form) that you need a teacher, administrator or counsellor from the school to sign and send back or scan and email back (addresses on the form).                                                   

     Search and Rescue Academy 2018 Application (4)        (click this link)                   

Students accepted will be expected to sign and follow a code of conduct while on the Search and Rescue Academy. Students breaking the code will be asked to leave with parents or guardians, at their own expense, picking up the student. Students asked to leave, may not be eligible for any BC High School credits or any refund of tuition.

Application process

  1. Fill out Application Form (below) and fill in attached Application Letter (click link above).
  2. Get a teacher, counsellor or administrator to fill in and sign the Search & Rescue Reference (click link above).
  3. You and parents read Notes on Staff, Instructors and Risk Management Policy and your parents sign Risk and Conditions and attach to application.
  4. You pay fee and register for Credits (information will be sent to you).

COLS Registration Form

  • Other than the following conditions listed, is the applicate able to hike, walk, climb, paddle a kayak, lift and generally be active out of doors?
  • Acceptable proof of Residency includes images of: BC Care Card, BC ID Card, BC Driver's License, or current utility bill.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Acceptable proof of Canadian Citizenship: Birth Certificate, Passport, or Permanent Resident Card
  • For student applicant and Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s):

Notes on Staff, Instructors and Risk Management Policy

Instruction and leadership is a combination of staff and trainers from Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre (tribunebayoutdoored.ca) and possible certified professionals from the Community.

The Program’s general rules, emergency procedures and guidelines will be given in an orientation at the time of arrival – to all youth participants and adult supervisors. The Program’s general policy follows a general theme of caring for self, others and the environment. Individual and group learning, experience and development are second only to the Programs commitment to safety

  1. An instructor of the Program will provide all instruction and leadership and will ensure safety equipment is in place for adventure programs (i.e. kayaking, high and low ropes, climbing tower, 12 passenger boat).
  2. All instructors of the Program have experience and training appropriate to a level needed to ensure facilitation and safety of programs.
  3. Instructors are familiar with and follow risk management policies in place.
  4. All participants must wear approved safety equipment for the various adventure programs as set out by the policies (i.e. Personal Flotation Device for kayaking, life jacket for 12 passenger boat, helmet and climbing harness for climbing tower and high ropes).
  5. Programs are based on providing an introductory adventure experience and as such, are based on providing maximum safety margins for the age and experience of the youth participating in
    the programs.
  6. When instructors encourages participants at the various programs they use the acronym ACE as a guiding principal for everyone. A (is accepting all levels of abilities) C (Challenge by Choice; individual encouraged to do their best but the individual has final say how far they want to push their own limit) and E (Encouragement of others).
  7. All Instructors that work with children or youth have had a criminal record check completed.